Mexican Hammocks are ideal as presents for blokes

Hammocks make Perfect Gift for Blokes!

With Hammock Heaven being the largest hammock shop in Australia, we definitely sell a LOT of hammocks. People buy hammocks for themselves in all sizes, single hammocks, double hammocks, king hammocks and jumbo hammocks.

However when people buy hammocks as gifts more often than not they choose the deluxe thick weave hammocks, without a doubt a very comfortable and stunning gift to give.

And who are the lucky recipients of these beautiful thick weave cotton or nylon hammocks I hear you ask.....? Most of the time..... men. The reality seems to be that men are much harder to buy gifts for. Be it a birthday present, a Christmas gift, a work farewell gift, or any other occasion you deem a gift necessary for a lucky guy, a hammock is always a winning choice.

Our hand-woven hammocks are available in all sorts of colour options, single colours if you don’t want to give a present that is too crazy, then there are beautiful two tone colour options and then traditional multi coloured that Mexico is really famous for.

So weather you give that lucky fella a single, double, king, jumbo or deluxe Mexican hammock, or you choose a beautiful South American hammock from the great range of Ecuadorian hammocks we have in stock your gift is sure to please.

The hardest part can be choosing the colour, rest assured that we have a LOT to choose from with the biggest hammock shop in Australia and if you are worried you may get the choice wrong we always happily let your present receiver come in and swap their hammock over.

If you really don’t know what to get, how about a Hammock Heaven gift voucher!

Go on, make someone’s day with a beautiful handmade hammock as a gift today!

email or callus 07 5473 0093 

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Mexican Hammocks are the Perfect gift

Father's Day Gift Ideas: what about a Mexican Hammock?

Father's Day is just around the corner: and I know he wants a Mexican Hammock as a present

Do you have a present ready for your Dad in this coming Father's Day? If not, at Hammock Heaven we have lots of ideas that will help you decide:

  1. The best present for any Dad is a Mexican Hammock: as your Dad have been working so much all year round to provide your family with so much care, he deserves a good rest and the best way to relax is to enjoy good quality time in his own hammock, if you choose to give him a Jumbo hammock: we might even invite the whole family to relax!

  2. A Mexican Poncho is a great way to celebrate any special occasion, Ponchos are good fun and blokes love them!

  3. If your dad just wants to enjoy time with a book, why don’t you give him a hammock chair? Hammock chairs are so easy to install as they only need one hanging point, so all you have to look for is a veranda or any exposed beam to hang it for your dad, so when Father’s Day come he walks out into his balcony directly to his relaxing hammock chair.

  4. If you really want to give him a hammock, however you don’t really have anywhere to hang your hammock from, have a look to the great deals that we are having when you buy a hammock and a stand together!

  5. You can also give your Dad a Mexican Blanket to decorate his Hot Rod! We all know that Dads love their cars: and it is so on fashion at the moment to cover the seats of the cars with Mexican Blankets: he will love it! Groovy Dad!!!

  6. If you just can not decide: let your dad decide and give him a Hammock Heaven gift voucher!

These are some small suggestions, there is still lots of time for you to decide what is the best present for this coming Father’s Day! Come and visit us at 1/21 Project Ave, Noosaville QLD 4566 where we are sure you will find the best gift idea for your Dad on Father’s Day.


Ana Lucia Lopez
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Hammock Heaven - Mothers Day gift ideas

Mexican Hammocks make the Perfect Gift for Mother's Day present

Mother's Day is around the corner! Moms work so hard all year round, so a hammock chair would be the perfect gift for your Mom.

Pamper your Mom, let us help you to select the best hammock from our large variety or buy online now in our online catalogue. Feel free to visit our hammock shop in Manly or why not? Bring your Mom for her to choose her favorite hammock.

Happy Mother's Day: Pamper your Mom!

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Talking about our Mexican Bunting - Papel Picado banners

Talking about our Mexican Bunting - Papel Picado banners

We had the chance to go back to Mexico in Christmas and we met in our trip the artisans that have been hand cutting this wonderful banners from generation after generation. This tradition began in the XIX century in the Central Region of Mexico and its still very popular today.

We use "Papel Picado" in Mexico for every party! Its so colourful and so Mexican: but the most important thing its ethically produced, and we love to support projects like these.

Please have a look into our online shop where we have a big variety of themes which we are sure will bring colour to your parties!

Ana Lucia Lopez
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