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Hammock Heaven - Luxury Mexican Hammock

Why Should you Consider to buy a Handmade Hammock vs a Cheap Hammock?

while cheap hammocks may seem like a good deal, investing in a high-quality Mexican and Ecuadorian hammock is well worth the extra cost. With their comfort, durability, style, ethical production practices, and support of local economies, Our hammocks are a great choice for anyone who wants to relax in style while supporting sustainable and ethical production practices.
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Hammock Heaven - Luxury Mexican Hammocks

What are Mexican Hammocks made off?

Mexican hammocks are made from high-quality, lightweight cotton and sometimes other natural fibers. They are handwoven using traditional techniques and feature intricate designs created with natural dyes. The result is a beautiful, durable, and comfortable piece of furniture that is perfect for relaxing in style.
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Hammock Heaven Gift Vouchers

Hammock Heaven Gift Vouchers

Sometimes the hardest part about buying a gift is choosing what to get. Hammocks make fantastic gifts, they say, “hey you deserve to relax and take it easy”. Here at Hammock Heaven, Australia’s largest hammock shop, right on Queensland Sunshine Coast, at Noosa, we stock an amazing array of hammocks. From Mexico we have single hammocks, double hammocks, king hammocks, jumbo hammocks, deluxe hammocks, hammock chairs and hammock deck chairs, then from Ecuador we have single hammocks and double hammocks in beautiful designs. Then there are the almost limitless colour choices. Add to that the range of hammock stands and frames both metal stands and wooden stands and maybe you are just getting too baffled.

You really want to give a hammock as a present but too much choice... easy... a Hammock Heaven gift voucher is the answer. Available in a range of different money amounts gift vouchers make it easy and put the hard choice right back on the person who is getting the gift.

Gift vouchers can be bought in store or ordered over the phone and can be paid with credit card, cheque, cash even Bitcoin! or pretty much another way you can think of.

The best part about Hammock Heaven gift vouchers is we DO give change. So if you buy a $100 hammock gift voucher and the recipient buys a $89.00 Mexican hammock, for example, we will give them $11.00 change, after all it’s not our money the hammock has been paid for.

To find out about hammock gift vouchers or to buy one today, feel free to call the shop on 07 5473 0093 or email us

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