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Hammock Chairs

Just one hanging point makes this hammock chair easy to install and also so easy to take away on holidays. These Mexican hammock chairs are woven using the same techniques and by the same artisan weavers as all our hammocks. These genuine hammock chairs, woven in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, are a great way to relax and feel like your on holidays, even if your only as far from work as your own backyard or balcony! In a hammock chair you will find yourself completely supported, lie back completely and put your feet in for a sensation that can only be likened to floating! We think 10 minutes relaxing in this chair is worth an hour in bed! What a great place for a book!
Hammock Chairs


Mexican Hammock Chair - Cotton Multicoloured-Mexican Hammock-Large-green-Hammock Heaven
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Mexican Hammock Chair - Light Green & Baby Blue-Mexican Hammock-Large-Hammock Heaven
Mexican Hammock Chair - Off White-Mexican Hammock-Large-Hammock Heaven
Mexican Hammock Chair - Orange & Yellow-Mexican Hammock-Large-Hammock Heaven
Mexican Hammock Chair - Two Tone Blue-Mexican Hammock-Hammock Heaven
Mexican Hammock Chair - Blue, Green & White-Mexican Hammock-Extra Large-Hammock Heaven