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Maya Jupiter video all items from Hammock Heaven

Maya Jupiter Phenomenal Video loves Hammock Heaven

We all love Mexican Decorations: Maya Jupiter, Mexican-Australian singer recently ordered a bunch of stuff from our Shop and its featured in her Phenomenal Video: here is a link of it:

And if you are looking to have a Mexican Party: you are in the right place: Hammock Heaven

Ana Lucia Lopez
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How to lay down in a Hammock?

What is the correct way to lay down in a Hammock?

What is The Correct Way to Lay in a Hammock

I have found that many people are not maximizing the use of their new hammocks as they lay down on the wrong way: I found the perfect diagram  at the Huffington Post, which clearly demonstrate what we mean:


This is the ideal way to lay down in a hammock. It could be any style of Hammock: Solid Materials, like our Ecuadorean Hammocks or Mexican Hammocks. Laying down diagonally will give you a better stability as you will be spreading your weight throughout the hammock, allowing it to shape in a naturally way to your back. This way will also keep the hammock open, preventing it to cocoon you.

When people come to the shop: their first reaction when trying a hammock is: to jump in, (like the image on top that says NO): Up and Down, this makes the hammock look like a banana; we then show them what is the ideal way to lay down in a Hammock (like the image which say: YES) and people is always pleasently surprised to see how comfortable this becomes.

So now you know: next time you see a hammock: Jump on it and lay down in a diagonally way: Just like the Mayans in Mexico still sleep on their hammocks.

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Worry Dolls at Hammock Heaven Shop

Worry Dolls Handmade from Guatemala

There is a Mayan legend that states that when a person is worried and owing to those worries can’t sleep well, they should express their worries to a worry doll. The worry doll will worry on the persons behalf, this allowing them to have a good nights sleep.

All our worry dolls are hand made in Guatemala by Women’s co-operatives and small artisan groups. The money they earn from these handicrafts is very important to improving the quality of life they enjoy in their villages.

Hammock Heaven stock a huge range of worry dolls including; large worry dolls in a textile bag; large worry dolls in a traditional yellow wooden box; small worry dolls in either a textile bag or box; individual worry dolls; worry doll bookmarks; worry doll notebooks and much more. Apart from the notebooks and bookmarks all worry dolls come with a printed copy of the worry doll legend.

Worry dolls make great gifts for both children and adults who may be experiencing a tough time, stress or some sickness. Worry dolls make a very sweet and thoughtful gift for someone who is under pressure for exams or work, or also someone having a stay in hospital.

For any questions on our selection of Worry Dolls or anything else we sell at Hammock Heaven call us in the shop

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Camping Hammocks - Hammock Heaven

Parachute nylon camping hammocks

New in store at Hammock Heaven and hand made in Indonesia are our range of parachute nylon hammocks.

These hammocks are double size but still very lightweight (about 600 grams) and extremely strong, rated to hold up to 160 kgs. We have these in a range of great two tone colours to cater for all tastes. Not only great for camping these are hammocks that work anywhere, the light material used to make them means they are very fast drying and nice and cool. The ends of these hammocks feature quality ropes and a high quality metal “S” hook is included at each end.

A great feature of these hammocks is the ease with which they can be packed up, they come in a matching carry bag/stuff sack that stays permanently attached to the hammock so it can’t get lost or mixed up with the other camping gear!

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Mexican oilcloth fabric - Hammock Heaven

Mexican Oilcloth Fabric: Lots of Designs

At Hammock Heaven, Australia’s largest hammock shop, we really do sell MUCH more than just hammocks. New in store this week is a fantastic range of oilcloth, “100% hecho en Mexico” (100% made in Mexico).

All our Mexican Oilcloth is 100% authentic oilcloth, made in Mexico by the same factory for over 50 years. Hammock Heaven sell Mexican Oilcloth by the metre as well as stocking a range of very cute  and colourful lunch bags. Oilcloth is a durable, double PVC coated fabric, 91% PVC, 6% Polyester and 3% cotton. The ink is printed in the first coat of PVC, not onto the fabric backing. This is then coated with a clear layer of PVC, making the oilcloth fade resistant, stain resistant and it simply wipes clean. Mexican Oilcloth is famous throughout the world for its practical qualities and gorgeous colours and patterns.             
Mexican Oilcloth is suitable for manufacturing a vast range of products.  It is perfect for any application that requires an easy to clean surface. Think outdoor tablecloths (oilcloth doesn’t fray, so no need to hem, just cut to size), beach bags, aprons, baby bibs, the possibilities are endless. Oilcloth can even be used to upholster furniture (highchairs, bar stools) I just made a very funky BBQ cover, our balcony now looks great with our very used BBQ well hidden away when not in use.  Let your imagination run riot. 


Ana Lucia Lopez
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Outdoor Hammocks - Hammock Heaven

Outdoor Hammocks

Most hammocks are going to be installed outside (although putting up a hammock inside and watching TV from it is a pretty cool way to hang out inside you house) and in our range of hand- made Mexican hammocks you have the choice of cotton hammocks or nylon hammocks in all sizes.

Nylon hammocks are sometimes referred to as “Outdoor Hammocks” because nylon is a more weather resistant material than cotton. That said, our cotton hammocks are all handmade and do last well outside, and if you install your hammock in such a way that it is easy to put it up and take it down, then bringing it in and protecting it from bad weather will greatly ad to it’s lifespan no matter what it is made from.

When clients come into our store to lay down and try the over twenty sizes and styles of hammock we have available and ask about “outdoor hammocks” i always encourage them to lay down in a cotton hammock, then in a nylon hammock to feel the difference and then choose the hammock they find the most comfortable. Comfort really should be the first concern when choosing your hammock.

For information on our range of outdoor hammocks and the difference between nylon and cotton or any of our single hammocks, double hammocks, king hammocks, jumbo hammocks, deluxe hammocks, hammock chairs or Mexican deck chairs call us in the shop.

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Hammocks are great outdoor furniture

Hammocks are great outdoor furniture

With great weather and summer approaching it’s time to start thinking about outdoor furniture, patio furniture and garden furniture.

Hammocks and hammock chairs hanging from trees in your garden look great and if you don’t have trees ideally placed or the patio is a bit small why not choose a purpose designed lightweight and easily moved stand or frame.

We have stands for both hammocks and hammock chairs and when you add a stunning and colourful Mexican hammock or a classic off white hammock you will be making a much talked about addition to your garden furniture or outdoor furniture. More importantly though than making your outdoor area look great is that our hammocks are very comfortable and spending time relaxing in a hammock or hammock chair is a great way to spend time.

For information on our range of outdoor furniture options and any of our single hammocks, double hammocks, king hammocks, jumbo hammocks, deluxe hammocks, hammock chairs or Mexican deck chairs call us in the shop.

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Camping Hammocks - Hammock Heaven

Camping Hammocks

This time of the year, with holidays fast approaching it is a great time to buy a hammock for a camping trip. Adding a hammock to your camping gear will give you great extra options for both relaxing and sleeping.

Our Mexican hammocks and Ecuadorean hammocks are both ideal for camping and we also have a range of parachute nylon hammocks that are lightweight and fold up very small in their own carry bags, really purpose designed for camping. For added comfort why not add one of our hammock mosquito nets to you camping equipment. These mosquito nets are a tube with a drawstring on each end and a zipper entrance so you are completely enclosed and safe from mossies, flies and other bugs. The fine open mesh also means complete breathability so you will still be nice and cool, these mossie nets are a must if you intend to sleep in your hammock.


Ana Lucia Lopez
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Hammocks for Christmas Gifts

Hammocks are fantastic Christmas gifts!

Do you have someone special to buy for?

Are you looking for a gift for someone who work hard and really deserve to relax this summer?

Are you looking for something unique that no one else will think of as a gift?

Are you looking for a gift you can share and enjoy also?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then a hammock will really fit the bill!

At Hammock Heaven, Australia’s largest hammock shop, located in Noosa, we stock a massive range of handmade and authentic Mexican and South American hammocks. We have literally thousands of hammocks in stock in all sorts of colour combinations.

We have single hammocks, double hammocks, king hammocks, jumbo hammocks, deluxe hammocks, hammock chairs and a great range of hammock stands and frames. We have great savings on hammock stand and hammock packages and also hammock chair and hammock chair frame packages.

Looking for something a bit different for a festive season gift, check out our brand new range of hand woven Mexican deck chairs in a fantastic range of colours.

If you do buy a hammock for a gift, don’t miss our huge range of accessories so the lucky gift recipient can install their hammock as soon, and as easily, as possible.

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Second Wedding anniversary gifts ideas - Hammock Heaven

2nd Wedding Anniversary Traditional Cotton Presents and Gifts

First anniversary.... paper, second anniversary.... cotton, third anniversary.... leather.... and so on. Well at Australia’s biggest hammock shop we can’t help you with either paper or leather hammocks; however we do have thousands of cotton hammocks in stock!

What could be better as a traditional cotton gift for a second wedding anniversary than a lovely handmade and very romantic hammock for two!

Our double cotton hammocks, king cotton hammocks, jumbo cotton hammocks and deluxe cotton hammocks all make fantastic gifts for the most important person in your life.

Email us or call the store, or if you are in Noosa come into the shop where you can lay down and try dozens of hammocks if you have any questions or would like a special colour, we do have just way too many in store to have them all on the website.

Happy anniversary from the team at Hammock Heaven!

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Mexican Hammocks - Hammock Shop

Where to install a hammock?

If you are in the fortunate position to have lots of trees, gazebo poles or other options and don’t need one of our hammock frames or a hammock chair stand, you might be wondering where to hang your hammock?

We have a lot of clients come into the Hammock Heaven shop asking this question and I always give a similar answer..... Put up hammock hooks in as many positions as possible. With some imagination and the right hardware you can put straps around trees and posts, hang hooks from gazebos, put dyna bolts into house and garage brick walls, put coach bolts through exposed beams and more. With lots of hooks you will be able to easily move you hammock from one spot to another, taking advantage of sunshine on cooler days and shade on hot summer days. If the hooks are already there, moving you Mexican hammock will only take moments and you are much more likely to get more use and enjoyment from your hammock.

The main thing to avoid is tying a rope directly through the hammock eye and onto a fixing point, whatever type of knot you use, it will get very tight and moving or removing your hammock will be more difficult, making it less likely you will get the most out of your hammock and also less likely you will store your beautiful handmade hammock when not in use. All our hammocks whether cotton or nylon and whether from Mexico or Ecuador are very high quality, but anything you leave outside in weather extremes indefinitely will suffer ill effects from the weather. Having easy to use koos means ou will be more likely to care for you hammock and also get the most out of it.

For any questions about hammock installation options please call Hammock Heaven  

Ana Lucia Lopez
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Hammock chair stands - Stands for egg chairs - stands for pod chairs

Hammock Chair Stands

Worth its own blog due to the three different models of hammock chair stands or frames that we stock at Hammock Heaven.

All the models we have are obviously suitable for our hand woven Mexican hammock chairs and two of the models are suitable for most styles of pod chairs, egg chairs, air chairs and the various other types of hanging chairs available in shops.

The three types and their main features are;

  1. The A frame stand. The most economical of the stands and height adjustable from the frame. This frame is quite stable with a fairly large footprint and suitable for all hammock chairs and we have tested this frame with models of Air Chairs. Due to it’s shape not suitable for egg and pod chairs.
  2. The “C-X” frame. Slightly more expensive that the “C” frame and suitable for any type of pod, egg, air or other chair we have ever come across. The main differing feature of this model is that the base is much narrower and therefore the stand can fit into considerably smaller spaces. Great for space restricted unit balconies and fits well into corners.

Complete dimensions and specifications on all the hammock chair models can be found at and for any questions on hammock chair frames and stands please don’t hesitate to call the shop or drop into our shop in Noosa.

If you already have a hanging chair feel free to bring it into the store to find the ideal stand for it.

Ana Lucia Lopez
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