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How to choose the size of a Mexican Hammock?

Here at Hammock Heaven, Australia’s largest hammock shop, located in Noosa, this is a question we hear at least a few times every day.

Colour... well hey, we’ll leave that for another day, with over 1000 hammocks in stock, hammock colour deserves its own post!

Back to size: We stock authentic hand woven Mexican hammocks in single, double, king and jumbo.

Single size Hammock: is great for 1 adult user or even two smaller adults or children but it will be a bit cosy.

A double size hammock gives a single user LOTS of space to relax in and they also won’t be to squeezy if they have a mate in their hammock with them.

A king size hammock is a great hammock for two adults to really spread out. In a king hammock two people can easily lay across the hammock and read the Sydney morning Herald without really bothering each other!

A Jumbo size hammock and you will definitely have the biggest hammock on the block! Mum, Dad and a couple of kids can all get lost in there. That said lots of people get themselves a jumbo just for the pure luxury of being able to spread out and move around as much as they want in their SUPER big hammock!

All our authentic Mexican hammocks are handmade and as such will vary slightly in length, in general they will be around 3.8 metres long or a bit more. So long as you have at least 3.6 metres between your hanging points you can install any size of Mexican hammock from single to jumbo.

For any questions on hanging your hammock please drop into the store or email us or call the shop on 07 5473 0093. In store and online we have a great range of hammock accessories to help you hang your hammock.

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