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Mexican Jumbo Hammocks - Hammock Heaven

Mexican hammock or Ecuadorian hammock.... What is the difference?

Hammock Heaven stocks over 1000 Mexican hammocks and in excess of 300 Ecuadorian hammocks at any given time. As such when clients come into the store in Noosa, or look at all the products on offer at our online Shop, as well as having to decide on single hammocks, double hammocks, king hammocks, jumbo hammocks and other choices such as cotton versus synthetic or nylon a big choice is whether to buy a Mexican hammock or an Ecuadorian hammock.

Mexican hammocks feature an open weave whereas Ecuadorian hammocks are woven in solid material.

Our solid material Ecuadorian Hammocks (canvas style – though these hammocks are actually produced from high quality cotton) have the following benefits

  1. Great if you are in an area with mosquitoes, with a light covering on top in early evening you don’t have to worry about bites and stings through the hammock.
  2. Great if you want to have pets in the hammock with you and are worried claws might damage an open weave.
  3. Some very unique Incan inspired designs available.
  4. Great if you have small children and are worries curious little fingers may pull thread out of open weave hammocks
  5. Ecuadorian hammocks come in different length so can be fitted into almost any space.

Our Mexican Hammocks in open weave have the following benefits

  1. The open weave allows cool breezes to pass through on hot days
  2. Mexican hammocks are larger and also come in a greater variety of sizes
  3. All sizes whether single, double, king, jumbo or deluxe are available in a choice of cotton or nylon
  4. All the hammocks come in solid colours, two tone versions our great Mexican multi-coloured options. Owing to the handmade nature of production, unless a hammock is a single colour virtually no two hammocks are ever the same – you will own an original. We might even have your footy team colours!


No matter what hammock you choose at hammock Heaven, you can be sure that when you walk out into your garden or onto your deck or balcony and see your hammock hanging there and beckoning you... you will feel like you are on holidays! A beautiful hand made hammock can turn your home into a resort!

Any questions about hammocks email us or call the shop on 07 5473 0093


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