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Mexican Blankets - Sarapes - Hammock Heaven

Mexican Sarapes, Serapes, or Mexican blankets

At Australia’s largest hammock shop we also stock Australia’s largest range of authentic Mexican blankets. Whether you are in Noosa and can come to the store, or you are shopping on line you can be assured no one has Mexican blankets and textiles in the range of colours, sizes and styles that we do.

At any given time we have over two thousand authentic Mexican blankets, rugs, floor rugs and more in stock. In traditional sarapes, the colourful striped blankets that Mexico is most famous for we stock two sizes and over 10 colour themes in each size. Then comes our range of loose weave Mexican “Falsa” blankets, hundreds of colours, these blankets are proving very popular for yoga blankets and yoga mats. Add to that our range of floor rugs with various designs, including lovely Aztec diamonds and pyramids, again in a huge variety of colours.

We know these blankets are the real deal because they are made in a co-operative in the same small town my parents live in. I’m Mexican and grew up with the kids of the families that make all our Mexican textiles and I am very proud to be helping them reach an international audience for their products. These blankets are all lovely and soft and we are able to sell them at a great price because they come straight from the weaving workshop to us, no middle men so no extra costs to cover.

Mexican blankets from Hammock Heaven make great gifts, eye-catching and unique they are great to give as presents. Use them as picnic rugs, beach blankets, table cloths colourful bed spreads, car seat covers for hot rods or anything else you can think of. They are very long lasting, machine washable and will last for years.

WATCH OUT FOR THE CHEAP ASIAN COPIES! Buy authentic Mexican blankets from a real Mexican at Hammock Heaven in Noosa or online.

Any questions about Mexican blankets or textiles please call on 07 5473 0093 or email us

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