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How to lay down in a Hammock?

What is the correct way to lay down in a Hammock?

This is the ideal way to lay down in a hammock. It could be any style of Hammock: Solid Materials, like our Ecuadorean Hammocks or Mexican Hammocks. Laying down diagonally will give you a better stability as you will be spreading your weight throughout the hammock, allowing it to shape in a naturally way to your back. This way will also keep the hammock open, preventing it to cocoon you.

When people come to the shop: their first reaction when trying a hammock is: to jump in, (like the image on top that says NO): Up and Down, this makes the hammock look like a banana; we then show them what is the ideal way to lay down in a Hammock (like the image which say: YES) and people is always pleasently surprised to see how comfortable this becomes.

So now you know: next time you see a hammock: Jump on it and lay down in a diagonally way: Just like the Mayans in Mexico still sleep on their hammocks.

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