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Beach blankets - Parachute silk Nylon

: Purple & SIlver

Bring luxury and comfort to your outdoor adventures with Parachute Silk Nylon beach blankets by Parachute! Our picnic blanket is crafted with ultra-soft parachute silk material that provides ultimate comfort - perfect for relaxing on the beach or enjoying a picnic. So cozy, you won't want to leave! Are you ready for the best beach days ever?

Handmade in Indonesia and perfect for any outdoor activity, great to take camping, to outdoor concerts and festivals, on picnics, anywhere you want your baby to be able to crawl around and play without getting covered in sand and dirt.... pretty much anything!

Size Open: 215 cm  X 215 cm (that's almost 5 square metres!) If that's too big you can fold it in half.

Weight: 400 grams

Size in bag: 15 X 10 X 10 cm

The matching carry bag is stitched on and stays permanently attached so you can't misplace it.
The blanket is very fast drying being made from extremely light but strong para nylon material.
The blanket features a sown cord loop in each corner that can be used with pegs (not included) for fastening
The corners also feature sown in sand pockets for weighting the blanket down at the beach - no more having to use flip flops and anything else you can find.
Sand shakes of very easily, no sticking like a wet towel or normal textile blanket.
This blanket folds up so small in it's carry bag stuff sack that it will take up virtually no room in your beach bag or backpack.
This blanket really is a BIG size, plenty of room for 4 or more people and an esky!