At Hammock Heaven we specialize in luxury hammocks from Mexico and Ecuador along with hammock chairs from Mexico.

All of our hammocks are ethically produced by small communities in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and in the Otovalo region of Ecuador. Hammock weaving in this region allows traditional lifestyles to continue by providing a fully sustainable income source.

The difference between the Mexican Hammocks and the Ecuador Hammocks is that the Mexicans are woven in a "net style" and the Ecuador are made of solid fabric, generally cotton. Both offer great comfort and an amazing way to relax.

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Hanging Kit: Pair of spliced Rope + 2 Stainless Steel S Hooks-Hammock accesories-Hammock Heaven
Hammock Protector Sun Cover-Hammock accesories-Hammock Heaven
8 mm Stainless steel wide S-hooks-Hammock accesories-Hammock Heaven
8 mm Stainless steel S-hooks-Hammock accesories-Hammock Heaven
Stainless Steel Hooks to Hang up your Hammock-Hammock accesories-Hammock Heaven
Pair of Rope Extentions to hang up Hammock-Hammock accesories-yellow-Hammock Heaven
Nylon Rope to hang up your hammock-Hammock accesories-Hammock Heaven
Double Shackle Swivel Stainless Steel Hook To Hang Hammock-Hammock accesories-Hammock Heaven
44 results
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