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Where to install a hammock?

If you are in the fortunate position to have lots of trees, gazebo poles or other options and don’t need one of our hammock frames or a hammock chair stand, you might be wondering where to hang your hammock?

We have a lot of clients come into the Hammock Heaven shop asking this question and I always give a similar answer..... Put up hammock hooks in as many positions as possible. With some imagination and the right hardware you can put straps around trees and posts, hang hooks from gazebos, put dyna bolts into house and garage brick walls, put coach bolts through exposed beams and more. With lots of hooks you will be able to easily move you hammock from one spot to another, taking advantage of sunshine on cooler days and shade on hot summer days. If the hooks are already there, moving you Mexican hammock will only take moments and you are much more likely to get more use and enjoyment from your hammock.

The main thing to avoid is tying a rope directly through the hammock eye and onto a fixing point, whatever type of knot you use, it will get very tight and moving or removing your hammock will be more difficult, making it less likely you will get the most out of your hammock and also less likely you will store your beautiful handmade hammock when not in use. All our hammocks whether cotton or nylon and whether from Mexico or Ecuador are very high quality, but anything you leave outside in weather extremes indefinitely will suffer ill effects from the weather. Having easy to use koos means ou will be more likely to care for you hammock and also get the most out of it.

For any questions about hammock installation options please call Hammock Heaven  

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