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Hammocks are great outdoor furniture

Hammocks are great outdoor furniture

With great weather and summer approaching it’s time to start thinking about outdoor furniture, patio furniture and garden furniture.

Hammocks and hammock chairs hanging from trees in your garden look great and if you don’t have trees ideally placed or the patio is a bit small why not choose a purpose designed lightweight and easily moved stand or frame.

We have stands for both hammocks and hammock chairs and when you add a stunning and colourful Mexican hammock or a classic off white hammock you will be making a much talked about addition to your garden furniture or outdoor furniture. More importantly though than making your outdoor area look great is that our hammocks are very comfortable and spending time relaxing in a hammock or hammock chair is a great way to spend time.

For information on our range of outdoor furniture options and any of our single hammocks, double hammocks, king hammocks, jumbo hammocks, deluxe hammocks, hammock chairs or Mexican deck chairs call us in the shop.

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