Mexican bunting Papel Picado: size Mini


These hand cut banners are made in the high mountains of Central Mexico in a very small workshop by an artisan who learned this art from his Grandfather. Each banner is completely hand cut with series of chisel style hole punches. There are around 70 different shapes of these hole punches which, with a lot of imagination and creativity, form these beautiful banners. Traditionally made out of tissue paper: now in this day and age we also have it available in plastic so that we can recycle them and use them in lots of parties. the plastic are also great for outdoor events as they wont be affected by rain.

Banner theme: General Party Mini

Each banner has 10 squares of 24 cm x 16 cm

Total length: 3m (this size is mini compare to all our other Buntings which are 5m in length)

Colours: each of the 10 banners in the bunting is made of a different colour and different design: multicolour

Material:  Tissue Paper


We support Mexican artisans

At Hammock Heaven we have the commitment to support small artisans. With the purchase of this banner you can be assured that the artisan who made this banner was fairly compensated for his work.

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