This loofa is harvested, dried and prepared in Guatemala by Mayan Indians and the sale of these products is vital as a part of their village income. Loofa is a natural plant product.

These sponges are natural, so size varies, they are around 7 - 10 cm in diameter and some sponges will have seeds inside. 

Loofa can be used with any bar or liquid soap, as well as with any body cleansers or washes. 

Loofa makes great body sponges and scrubbers and can also be used for general household cleaning.

New loofa will be naturally tough and coarse so take care and be a bit gentle on first use. You can soak loofa in warm water for around 15 minutes to soften it a bit before first use.

The natural texture of the loofa fibres will gently rub away old skin cells and associated roughness of the skin leaving you feeling smooth and invigorated, great for stress relief and improving circulation.

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