Authentic hand woven Panama hats are from Ecuador and made from "Toquilla" straw using traditional weaving and hat making techniques. These fantastic hats are the epitome of style and also a hugely practical hat for the Australian sun.

All our hats are ethically produced by a weaving co-operative in a small town where everyone who waves benefits equally from the production and sale of these lovely hats.

We sell hats in two (2) different quality levels (classic and very fine - these grading are our own and don't represent any form of comparison to grading used by other hat sellers).

Being completely handmade all hats will vary slightly in areas such as finish, brim width and even colour tone, as the Toquilla straw used can vary slightly.

Hat dimensions

Average brim width; 57-62 mm

Average hat weight; 60 - 75 grams

If you are not sure of your hat size, we recommend you measure your head using a tape measure and then consult the chart, below. Use a tape measure and measure around the widest part of the head, slightly above the ears. If your measurement is between sizes, use the larger size.

Please Note: These Hats are not the roll-able style.

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