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Combo: Single Ecuador Hammock & Stand


About the hammock: Ecuadorian hammocks are made from solid material as oposed to the open weave of Mexican hammocks. Generally made from 100% cotton ( we do have some designs that are cotton/acrylic mixes) these hammocks are amazingly strong and durable.Made around the Otovalo region of Ecuador these hammocks will provide you with the best relaxation available in a solid material style hammock. The workmanship and quality in these hammocks is evident when you look carefully at the weave and especially the finish at the ends of the hammock arms.

This solid material style hammock can be a great option for people with small children who may get their fingers into open weave hammocks and pull out threads and damage the hammock. These hammocks are also ideal if you are in an area where mosquitos can be a problem as open weave hammocks can allow mossies to bite you through the hammock.... not a problem with these solid material South American hammocks.

These hammocks have been ethically produced by small communities and artisans that Hammock Heaven is proud to support.

Made of 100% cotton


Hammock Size: Single


About the stand: 

Made from steel with a quality powder coated finish. 

One of the great features of using a stand for your hammock is that they are easy to move around. Put it in the sun on a lovely winters morning to relax with the Sunday paper and use it in the shade on a hot summers afternoon after a hard days work. When you have an easy to move stand for your hammock you can relax year round, why not put it inside on a cold day so you can watch a DVD or your favourite footy team from the comfort of your hammock!

This stand is rated to hold up to 200 kg. 

As the stands will be delivered via courier they cannot be sent to PO boxes due to their size. 

* Please note: gift wrapping or Express Post is not available in any stands or frames