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Genuine Mexican Ponchos

Just like the sombreros we sell, ponchos are quite an iconic image of Mexico. At our shop in Noosa and in our online store we stock undoubtedly Australia’s biggest range of genuine Mexican ponchos.

All adult sizes are one size fits all. Falsa ponchos are the biggest, then Saltillo and lastly rayado ponchos are slightly smaller. For full sizes details check our website listings, drop into the store or call us.

Our range of ponchos is;

  1. The Saltillo (pronounced SAL-TE-YO). We also call this the party poncho as it is the brightest. It is a poncho that is essentially a Mexican sarape blanket with a hole cut out to put you head through (with a nicely sown border around the cut). In fact if you look at most authentic Mexican blankets you will notice a sown in decorative stripe or mark in the centre, letting you know where to cut if you want to mark a poncho. We have Saltillo ponchos available in many different colour themes.
  2. Rayado ponchos. These ponchos are also very colourful but have less stripes and feature a more dominant main colour with just a few stripes and designs in the lower half of the poncho. Made from the same material as saltillos, again we have these ponchos in a wide variety of colour options.
  3. Falsa ponchos. These are made from a different style of Mexican blankets, a looser and thicker weave, these are the style of poncho made famous by Clint Eastwood in all those westerns in the 60’s and 70’s. Again we have these ponchos in a variety of different colour themes including lot’s in the cowboy two tone browns so you can look just like Clint!


Great for winter or cooler summer nights, ponchos are fully reversible, very practical and really good fun! You always get a smile with a Mexican Poncho!

Ana Lucia Lopez
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