Hammock stands - Frames for Hammocks

Different Styles of Hammock stands and frames

Here at Hammock Heaven we stock a sell a large range of hammock frames and hammock stands. What’s the difference between a frame and a stand.... no idea, they just seem to be known by both names, call them what you want we have plenty in stock!

For standard hammocks we have stands in 3 different sizes of metal and one size of wooden hammock frame. All stands are adjustable as all authentic hammocks are handmade and will vary slightly in length. The different size stands are to accommodate hammocks from different parts of the world. For example our entire Mexican hammocks are around 3.8 – 4.1 metres long, whereas are single hammocks from Ecuador are around 3.2 metres long, hence the need for different length stands.

Our metal stands are all steel and most with a gun metal grey powder coated finish. They last well outside and are easily assembled and disassembled; some come with their own carry bags.

The wooden stands are more expensive; however have a lovely finish and a great look. They are ideally suited to being on a deck in a reasonable well covered and protected area.

Check out our stands on the website or come into hammock Heaven in Noosa... Australia’s BIGGEST hammock shop!

For information on hammock chair frames see the next blog or give us a call in the shop.

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