Hammock Chair stands

by Hammock Heaven | November 1, 2010
Hammock Chair stands

Worth its own blog due to the three different models of hammock chair stands or frames that we stock at Hammock Heaven.

All the models we have are obviously suitable for our hand woven Mexican hammock chairs and two of the models are suitable for most styles of pod chairs, egg chairs, air chairs and the various other types of hanging chairs available in shops.

The three types and their main features are;

  1. The A frame stand. The most economical of the stands and height adjustable from the frame. This frame is quite stable with a fairly large footprint and suitable for all hammock chairs and we have tested this frame with models of Air Chairs. Due to it’s shape not suitable for egg and pod chairs.
  2. The “C” frame stand. With a wide base and very easy to assemble this is our most popular model and suitable for any type of hanging chair or hammock chair that we have ever tried it with. Very solid, stable and strong with a wide footprint.
  3. The “C-X” frame. Slightly more expensive that the “C” frame and suitable for any type of pod, egg, air or other chair we have ever come across. The main differing feature of this model is that the base is much narrower and therefore the stand can fit into considerably smaller spaces. Great for space restricted unit balconies and fits well into corners.

Complete dimensions and specifications on all the hammock chair models can be found at www.hammockheaven.com.au and for any questions on hammock chair frames and stands please don’t hesitate to call the shop on 02 9938 5549 or drop into 2/410 Pittwater rd. North Manly.

If you already have a hanging chair feel free to bring it into the store to find the ideal stand for it.

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