About Us

Australian owned and operating out of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Hammock Heaven has fast gained a reputation for supplying the highest quality hand woven Mexican hammocks at very reasonable prices.

We are the only shop in Australia where you can come and try more than 20 different styles of hammocks before you buy. We are not the only hammock supplier, however we are the best.

We feel the bright colours of all our products from Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America combine perfectly with Australia's coastal / lifestyle decor. Have a look at the items in our range and we are sure you will agree. It is almost as if many of the hammocks, floor rugs, light blankets, handbags and more were made with Aussie's in mind!

Many of our products are quite new to the Australian marketplace and you may feel you would like some personalised service or advice on a particular product.


Feel free to email  info@hammockheaven.com.au or call our friendly team on (07) 5473 0093  Monday – Friday between the hours of 9-5pm.

We will get back to you fast as we are aware that customer service is the most important side of any business.

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